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We are a creative studio.
We do all kinds of neat stuff.
From creative concept to production.

Concept Creation

Advertising, mailing, branding, corporate identity, newsletter, brochure, website, (digital) magazines,...


Movies, infographics, photography, presentation, illustration & photoshop.

Magazines / Books

Production, styling, graphic design, concepts. Print and digital.

Meet our team.

We love creating. We craft beautiful.

Team Member 1
Team Member 1
Jon Troch

Whistling Captain

Team Member 3
Team Member 3
Pieter Ver Elst

Pirate of Happiness

Team Member 2
Team Member 2
Patricia Kempeneers

Little Mermaid

Team Member 4
Other fish

We know many fish in techspace, photo space, design space and outer space.


We do not sit around and draw all day.
Please slide through some snapshots.

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From here to there. Inspiration is everywhere.

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Jon Troch +32 473495725
Pieter Ver Elst +32 475955819
Patricia Kempeneers +32 485 35 68 92

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